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Marriage Records Me-Z
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ABBE, Jerusha (Mrs.) m. Henry Mellen 6/3/1774 in Hopkinton, MA
ADAMS, Hannah m. Daniel Mellen 2/3/1735 in Framingham, MA
ADAMS, Jane m. Francis Stearns Mellen June 11, 1859 at Clayton County, Iowa <>
ALLISON, Mary m. Wilder J. Mellen 1/6/1848 in McDonough Co, IL
AMES, Niles (Eames) m. Joanna Mellen (daughter of Captain Timothy) 4/30/1832 in Holliston, MA
ANDERSON, Hans m. Melva Mae Mellen July 11, 1911 at Phillipsburg, Kansas <>
ANDERSON, Miranda E. m. John J. Mellon 5/16/1861 in Marion Co, IL
ANDREWS, Sophronia m. Joseph Mellen 1/29/1801 in Hopkinton, MA
ANNIS, Robert E. of Wells m. Louie Mellon of Sanford 7/15/1924 in Maine
ANNON, Lillian Dolores m. Fred John Mellen August 29, 1956 at Bow Island, Alberta, Canada <>
ARIZA, Maria Jesus m. J. A. Mellan 6/11/1868 in Arizona City, Yuma Co, AZ
ARNOLD, Le Roy D. m. Amelia Mellen (Miller) 4/19/1887 in Adams Co, IL
ASPAAS, Anna L. m. Ole H. Mellum 2/26/1876 in Cook Co, IL
AUSTIN, W. H. m. Miriam D. Mellen 10/31/1857 in Cook Co, IL
AVERY, Arthur W. of Rumney, NH m. Loretta A. Mellen of New York, NY 6/14/1913 in Maine
BAGLEY, Mary V. m. William F. Mellon 4/22/1907 in Rhode Island
BAKER, Adlyada m. Andrew Mellen 1867 in Davidson Co, NC
BAKER, Evalyn m. J. A. Mellen 5/21/1899 in Pike Co, IL
BALL, Abigail m. Simon Mellen Jr. 4/27/1742 in Framingham. MA
BANNON, Anna m. Harry H. Mellen 11/20/1888 in Cook Co, IL
BARBER, Hamlet m. Miranda P. Mellen 8/30/1847 in Holliston, MA
BARBOUR, E. R. m. Lou Mellen 7/1/1890 in Garnett, KS
BARNARD, Isabella m. Henry Mellon 2/5/1873 in Rhode Island
BARRETT, Barbara m. John Mellein 9/10/1867 in St. Clair Co, IL
BARTON, Mary A. m. W. C. Mellon 12/10/1885 by R.M. Melton at Mrs. Barton's home, Clay Co, AL Bond: W.C. Mellonand D.F. Barton
BATTLE, James Jr. m. Ruhamah Mellen in Hopkinton, MA
BATTLE, Martha m. James Mellen 11/28/1754 in Framingham, MA
BECKER, Joseph m. Mary Mellen 1/5/1871 in Kane Co, IL
BEEBE, Asa m. Henrietta Mellen 1/9/1851 in Will Co, IL
BEEBE, Daniel m. Nancy Mellen 12/27/1841 in Will Co, IL
BEEBE, Newell m. Sarah Ann Mellen 11/25/1847 in Will Co, IL
BECK, Gustav J. m. Margaret E. Mellin 3/16/1904 in St. Clair Co, IL
BELCHER, Mary L. m. Logan P. Melon 4/6/1904 in St. Clair Co, IL
BELDING, Henry A. m. Mellie Mellin 7/31/1912 in Wallace, Shoshone Co, ID
BENSON, Bert m. Dikka Christine Mellom 11/30/1916 in Moscow, Latah Co, ID
BENSON, Gust m. Martha Mellom 9/11/1912 in Moscow, Latah Co, ID
BILSON, George W. m. Isabella S. Mellon 11/30/1849 in Cook Co, IL
BIRD, Mary E. m. James J. Mellen 7/25/1897 in Maine, both of Belfast
BLACK, Mary C. m. Edward P. Mellen 7/17/1910 in Maine, both of South Portland
BORG, Anna m. August Mellen 5/24/1884 in Cook Co, IL
BOTHWELL, Edward L. of Buffalo, NY m. Julia A. Mellen of Portland, ME 7/1/1949 in Maine
BOWER, Charles F. applied to marry Emily Mellen 1893 in Berks Co, PA
BOWSER, Gordon m. Velma Mellin 2/27/1939 in Maine, both of Rockland
BRADY, Frank Lawrence m. Ruby Mellen 9/2/1915 in Mountain Home, Elmore Co, ID
BRETT, Mary m. Moses Mellen (merchant from Boston) 9/7/1823 in Brockton, MA
BRIDGES, Benjamin m. Elizabeth C. Mellen 10/26/1825 in Holliston, MA
BRIGGS, Experiance Jr. n. Thomas Mellen Jr. 4/11/1800 in Hopkinton, MA
BRINKERHOFF, Gertrude m. Alphonso Mellen 9/13/1854 in Will Co, IL
BROOKS, Salley J. m. John Mellen Jr. 10/19/1826 in Holliston, MA
BROPHY, John H. m. Alice L. Mellon 4/27/1881 in Rhode Island
BROWN, Catharine m. Nathaniel Mellen 1/22/1809 in Wrentham, MA
BROWN, Christina m. Emery Emmet Mellen 1/17/1883 in Iroquois Co, IL
BROWN, Lucy m. Wilder J. Mellen 5/9/1854 in Adams Co, IL
BUCKLEY, Lizzie applied to marry John Mellen 1893 in Berks Co, PA
BULLARD, Isaac m. Lois Mellen 4/25/1811 in Medway, MA
BULLARD, Mary m. John Mellen 4/15/1790 in Holliston, MA
BULLARD, Sophia m. George W. Mellen 2/1831 in Charlestown, MA
BULLEY, Mary J. m. George F. Mellen 7/13/1923 in Maine, both of Ashland
BURDEN, Susan m. Ryland Mellen 3/5/1844 in Fredericksburg, VA
BURNAP, Russell J. m. Charlottee Mellen 10/22/1835 in Holliston, MA
BUTLER, Ruhamy m. Joseph Mellen 4/14/1749 in Hopkinton, MA
BYXBY, Joel m. Elizabeth Mellen 6/2/1828 in Hopkinton, MA
CANNON, Allen m. Martha Mellen 12/23/1870 in Lowndes Co, MS
CANNON, William m. Lizzie Mellen 11/21/1888 in Morgan Co, IL
CARR, Grafton Walter m. Marie Evadne Mellen 1910 in Beaumont, TX
CASEY, Abbie E. m. Thomas H. Mellen 3/30/1921 in Boise, Ada Co, ID
CASEY, R. W. m. Martha A. Mellow 12/23/1895 by John A. Hudson, at the home of R.W. Mellow, Clay Co, AL Bond: .W. Casey and R.W. Mellon
CENNAR, Stephen m. Mary Ann Melln 1/5/1871 in Kane Co, IL
CHAMBERLAIN, Moses m. Rhoda Mellen 7/10/1794 in Hopkinton, MA
CHAMBERLAIN, Olive m. Captain John Mellen 12/3/1807 in Holliston, Ma
CHAMBERLIN, Jacob m. Lidea Mellen 10/29/1747 in Hopkinton, Ma
CHAMBERLIN, Samuel m. Martha Mellen 3/9/1749 in Hopkinton, MA
CHAPMAN, Henry J. m. Mary A. Mellon 11/29/1900 in Rhode Island
CHASE, Horace N. m. Harriet N. Mellon 4/27/1848 in Warrick Co, IN
CHENERY, Elihu m. Fanny Mellen 10/17/1833 in Holliston, MA
CHERRY, William O. m. Lillian I. Mellen 8/29/1889 in Garnet, KS
CHRISTENSEN, John m. Maggie Mellen 1/19/1894 in Cook Co, IL
CHRISTOPHERSON, Martin H. m. Mary C. Mellen 6/12/1916 in Maine, both of S. Portland
CLAFLIN, Isaac S. m. Adaline Mellen 5/26/1833 in Holliston, MA
CLAFLIN, John Jr. m. Lydia Mellen 2/19/1798 in Holliston, MA
CLAFLIN, John Jr. m. Lydia Mellen 5/2/1798 in Hopkinton, MA
CLARK, Mrs. Jane m. James Mellen 5/3/1804 in Norfolk, VA
CLARKE, Jennie m. James Mellen 5/19/1869 in Will Co, IL
CLINE, William B. m. Edna Mellon 4/15/1891 in Macon Co, IL
CLITZ, Lt. John (adjutant of 2nd Regt. US Inf.) m. Mary T. Mellen 4/1819 in Sacket's Harbor, NY
COMEE, Betsey m. Joshua Mellen in Hopkinton, MA
COMPTON, John W. m. Elisa Mellen 9/14/1885 in St. Clair Co, IL
CONGDON, Lafayette m. Mollie Mellin 4/25/1888 in Cook Co, IL
COOK, Nancy m. Levi Mellon 11/7/1847 in Missouri
COOMBS, Elizabeth m. Charles Mellon 8/3/1806 in Loudon, VA
COOPER, Mrs. Margaret m. Patrick Mellon 2/22/1823 in Berkeley, VA
CORBETT, Kate E. m. John L. Mellon 8/21/1883 in Morgan Co, IL
CRANE, Baron H. m. Abbie E. Mellon 1/2/1866 in Adams Co, IL
CRANE, Catherine E. m. Peter Mellon 9/22/1896 in Rhode Island
CREGAN, Peter m. Margaret Mellen 6/19/1897 in Maine, both of Gardiner
CRISSMAN, Harry of Portsmouth, NH m. Marion L. Mellen of Kittery, ME 7/22/1947 in Maine
CROFOOT, Nellie m. F. F. Mellen 7/21/1914 in Coeur D'Alene, Kootenai Co, ID
CROSS, Lucy A. m. Charles N. Mellen 12/2/1847 in Hopkinton, MA
CROWLEY, Michael m. Susie Mellon 1/24/1887 in Morgan Co, IL
CURRAN, Dan m. Nellie D. Mellen 9/25/1920 in Bonners Ferry, Boundary Co, ID
CUTLER, Luther m. Nancy Mellen 4/2/1801 in Hopkinton, MA
CUTLER, Martin m. Elizabeth Mellen 5/11/1800 in Holliston, MA
CUTLER, Ursula m. John Mellen 11/29/1799 in Holliston, MA
DADMUN, John m. Elizabeth Mellen 12/3/1818 in Framingham, MA
DAHN, Louis m. Margaretha Mellein 8/29/1865 in St. Clair Co, IL
DANIELS, Nathan m. Mary Mellen 4/19/1826 in Hopkinton, MA
DANIELS, Nathan m. Mary Mellen in Holliston, MA
DANIELS, Rebecca E. m. Charles Melon 12/9/1866 in White Co, IL
DAVID, Daniel Webster m. Mary Emma Mellon 2/21/1878 in Pike Co, IL
DAVIS, John T. m. Elizabeth Mellon 4/26/1858 in Kane Co, IL
DAY, Abigail m. Henry Mellen 2/22/1791 in Holliston, MA
DELANEY, Joseph H. m. Mary Mellon 11/21/1882 in Morgan Co, IL
DENISON, Vera m. David Mellion 6/15/1930 in Potlatch, Latah Co, ID
DODGE, Ethel m. Ernest Mellen 7/21/1900 in Maine, both of Northport
DOWNING, Robert S. m. Rosina Mellen 9/18/1837 in Framingham, MA
DREW, William G. m. Ella M. Mellen 1876 in Lowell, MA <>
DUFFIELD, Mary A. m. Peter Mellin 4/19/1874 in Knox Co, IL
DUFFY, James m. Gertrude Mellon m. 3/15/1890 in Cook Co, IL
DUNSTER, Henry m. Jane Mellen 10/6/1851 in Rhode Island
DUTRO, George W. m. Agnes Mellen 12/24/1846 in Madison Co, IL
DYE, Sarah m. Jordon Mellon 7/29/1846 in Missouri
EAMES, Niles (Ames) m. Joanna Mellen (daughter of Captain Timothy) 4/30/1832 in Holliston, MA
EASTMAN, Joseph m. Abigail Mellen 2/15/1739 in Hopkinton, MA
EDWARDS, Mrs. Jane m. William Mellon 12/17/1864 in Rock Island Co, IL
EHER, Edward m. Mrs. Abigail Mellon 9/26/1844 in Michigan
ELLIS, Mary W. m. Charles C. Mellen 3/14/1847 in Bridgewater, MA
ENNIS, Betsey m. Dennis Mellon 5/24/1846 in Lake Co, IN <>
ERICKSON, Sophia m. Peter Melland 5/14/1892 in Cook Co, IL
EVANS, Nancy m. Joseph Mellon 7/28/1804 in Loudon, VA
FAGAN, Angela Elizabeth m. Merle Joseph Mellen 11/3/1923 in Galveston, TX
FAHRINGER, William H. applied to marry Anna M. Mellen 8/26/1933 in Berks Co, PA
FALIN, Margaret m. Patrick Mellen 10/6/1856 in Adams Co, IL
FALL, Hannah m. Patrick Millon 6/25/1807 in Augusta, VA
FARVELL, Susannah m. Daniel Mellen Jr. 11/10/1770 Holliston, MA
FAY, Sarah m. Samuel E. Mellen 1/6/1849 in Switzerland Co, IN
FERRANTE, Arcangelo J. m. Doris M. Mellen 5/21/1947 in Maine, both of Portland
FISHER, Puah (Mrs.) m. John Mellen 8/15/1767 in Medway, MA <>
FISHER, Puah m. John Mellen 11/23/1767 in Holliston, MA <>
FISHER, Sidney m. Susan B. Mellen 10/1/1835 in Wrentham, MA
FISK, John (Rev) m. Betsey Mellen 12/26/1796 in Braintree, MA
FITCH, Eunis m. Thomas Mellen Jr. 11/14/1772 Hopkinton, MA
FIVEL, Ernest m. Elizabeth Ada Mellen 7/17/1917, Galveston, TX
FLANNERY, John A. applied to marry Gussie Mellon 9/30/1881 in Reading, PA
FLYNN, Clara A. m. George E. Mellen 11/23/1909 in Rhode Island
FORRISTALL, Joseph m. Hannah Mellen 8/12/1780 in Holliston, MA
FORST (FROST), Catharine m. Henry L. Mellon 2/23/1837 in Missouri
FOX, Doris Elizabeth m. Roy Joseph Mellen 9/5/1/940 in Galveston, TX
FRANCIN, Margaret (Franzen) m. John Mellon 5/14/1872 in Will Co, IL <>
FREELAND, James m. Hetty Mellen 6/1/1770 in Hopkinton, MA
FRELKA, Mrs. Anna m. Frank Mellin 5/14/1888 in Cook Co, IL
FRYE, Catherine Ann m. John Mellon 9/12/1837 in Frederick, VA
FRYE, Dorothy H. m. George F. Mellen 7/5/1930 in Maine, both of Portland
FUREY, Annie T. m. John E. Mellon 5/10/1897 in Rhode Island
GARDINER, Ida M. m. Joseph H. Mellen 12/27/1899 in Rhode Island
GARNER, Amelia m. John Mellon 2/7/1803 in Franklin, VA
GASTON, Mary O'Dell m. Vernon Paul Mellen 10/16/1938 in Beaumont, TX
GIBBS, Jacob m. Elisabeth Mellen 12/13/???? in Hopkinton, MA
GIBBS, Lucinda m. Robbert Mellen 3/10/1829 in Sturbridge, MA
GIBBS, Phenehas m. Mary Mellen in Hopkinton, MA
GILL, Harry W. m. Mrs. Lola E. Mellen 10/16/1907 in Boise, Ada Co, ID
GORMAN, Arthur m. Malvina A. Mellen 4/4/1869 in Boone Co, IL
GOULD, Susannah m. James Mellen 1/16/1800 in Framingham, MA
GOULDING, Joseph m. Lydia Mellen 6/4/1803 in Hopkinton, MA
GOULDING, Joseph m. Lydia Mellen 6/5/1803 In Holden, MA
GRAVES, Phenehas m. Sarah Mellen 2/16/1782 in Hopkinton, MA
GRAY, Benjamin m. Elizabeth A. Mellen 2/17/1870 in Adams Co, IL
GREENOUGH, Annie Rebecca m. Asher Monroe Mellen May 28, 1885 at Jack Creek, Kansas <>
GRIESEMER, Ezra applied to mary Mary Mellen 1894 in Berks Co, PA
GRUELL, Laura E. m. John K. Mellen 2/6/1881 in Adams Co, IL
HACE, George W. m. Harriet L. Mellon 3/9/1858 in Ogle Co, IL
HAGERMAN, George M. m. Hannah M. Melon 1/1/1847 in Michigan
HALFMAN, Henry m. Mary Ellen Mellon 4/16/1860 in Lake Co, IN <>
HAMANN, Anna K. m. Emanuel C. Mellon 9/2/1893 in Cook Co, IL
HAMMON, Mary m. James Melon 12/23/1841 in Roanoke, VA
HAMPTON, Richard F. m. Mrs. Ettie Mellon 5/5/1881 in Gallatin Co, IL
HANCOCK, Joseph m. Susanna Mellen 5/2/1772 in Hopkinton, MA
HARDIN, William L. m. Mary Elizabeth Mellone 3/2/1841 in Missouri
HARNEY, Mary A. m. James S. Mellon 7/14/1887 in Rhode Island
HARRY, Alice M. m. David J. Mellen 7/12/1915 in Maine, both of Portland
HAVEN, Asa m. Mary Framingham Mellen 8/6/1768 in Hopkinton, MA
HAVEN, Moses m. Abigail Mellen 11/1/1750 in Framingham, MA
HAVENS, Charles E. m. Lizzie A. Mellen 12/21/1881 in Kankakee Co, IL
HAYES, Sarah O. m. Leland B. Mellen 3/20/1924 in Maine, both of Berwick
HAYWOOD, Louis H. m. Maranda Mellen 8/18/1893 in Macon Co, IL
HEISE, Leo m. Gertrude Elvira Mellan 4/14/1897 in Iroquois Co, IL
HEMENWAY, Abigail m. William Mellen 11/7/1751 in Framingham, MA
HEMMINGWAY, Joseph m. Zerviah Millen 6/25/1761 in Holliston, MA
HEWS, Henry m. Harriet Mellen 11/28/1849 in Michigan
HJORT, Axel F. m. Marie Charlotte Mellin 8/14/1886 in Cook Co, IL
HOLBROK, Sarah m. Robart Millen 11/19/1761
HOLBROOK, Moses Jr. m. Sarah Mellen 1/24/1792 in Holliston, MA
HOLDER, Eugene Ellsworth m. Leonie Mae Mellen 2/15/1947 in Orange, TX
HOMER, Debero m. Abner Mellen in Hopkinton, MA
HOMER, Micael m. Martha Mellen 11/5/1777 in Framingham, MA
HOOD, George G. m. Sarah Mellen 2/11/1879 in Rhode Island
HOPKINS, John m. Debby Mellen 10/16/1814 in Framingham, MA
HORTON, R.J. m. Eula B. Mellen 7/14/1886 in Dallas Co, TX
HOUGHTON, Franklin m. Sarah J. Mellen 11/14/1864 in Kankakee Co, IL
HOUGHTON, Herrick m. Nancy E. Mellen 2/19/1868 in Kankakee Co, IL
HOUGHTON, Herrick m. Nancy E. Mellen 3/5/1868 in Iroquois Co, IL
HOUGHTON, Mary L. m. Hiram Mellen 4/25/1849 in Shrewsbury, MA
HOWELLS, Judah Francis of Salt Lake City m. Martha Mellen of Salt Lake City 7/27/1887 in Logan, Cache Co, UT
HULL, Miss Nancey m. Clarence Mellen 12/25/1872 in Kankakee Co, IL
HUTCHINGS, Andrew J. m. Genevive Mellin 2/8/1939 in Maine, both of Cumberland
INGEBRETSON, Anna Helena m. Sven Johan Mellin 6/28/1878 in Cook Co, IL
JACKSON, Isiah m. Arya Mellen 9/2/1885 in Weld Co, CO
JOHNSON, Asa m. Hannah Mellen 3/15/1778 in Holliston, MA
JOHNSON, Rebecca m. John M. Mellan 3/15/1876 in La Salle Co, IL
JONES, C. L. m. Francis Mellon 5/6/1877 by J.J. Shadix, at biride's father's home, Clay Co, AL Bond: C.L. Jones and R.W. Mellon
JONES, John Jr. m. Mary Mellen 6/8/1749 in Hopkinton, MA
JONSON, Asa m. Hannah Mellen 3/6/1778 in Hopkinton, MA
JUG, Francis C. (female) m. C. H. Mellen 12/15/1852 in Hancock Co, IL
KADOW, Fritz m. Christena Mellin 11/28/1898 in Iroquois Co, IL
KELLY, Carrie E. Pierce m. Frank M. MELLEN 13 June 1891 in Allegan, Allegan Co, MI
KELLEY, Susan m. G. A. Mellon 11/11/1860 in Pope Co, IL
KELLOGG, Benjamin K. m. Almira Mellon 11/23/1845 in Michigan
KENDEL, Lucy m. John Mellen 7/13/1780 in Holden, MA
KENNEDY, Margaret E. m. Fred A. Mellen 2/17/1897 in Maine, both of Portland
KENNINGHAM, Elizabeth m. Daniel Mellon 1802 in Belfast, Ireland <>
KENT, William A. (merchant) m. Charlotte Mellen (d/o Rev. John) 5/9/1792 in New Concord
KENTFIELD, Elizabeth m. Ruben M. Mellon 1/22/1860 in Will Co, IL
KING, James J. m. Susan T. Mellon 11/30/1902 in Rhode Island
KINSMAN, Aaron m. Polle Mellen in Hopkinton, MA
KRISTERMAN, Almertina m. Henry A. Mellen 7/2/1913 in Maine, both of Springvale
LAHD, Mildred Gladys m. Fred Rawleigh Mellen July 21, 1925 at Redcliff, Alberta, Canada <>
LANCASTER, Ephraham Richardson m. Sarah Mellen in Hopkinton, MA
LAPHAM, Edith C. C. m. George M. Mellen 9/13/1866 in Knox Co, IL
LATIMORE, Daniel W. m. Laura Mellen 10/11/1911 in Mountain Home, Elmore Co, ID
LEALAND, Luke m. Sally Mellen 9/7/1815 in Hopkinton, MA
LEALAND, Salmon m. Azoa Mellen 4/2/1812 in Holliston, MA
LEE, Ruby m. William Henry Mellen 12/22/1939 in Beaumont, TX
LELAND, Luke m. Sally Mellen 7/31/1815 in Holliston, MA
LEONARD, William J. m. Katie Agnes Mellin 3/17/1888 in Cook Co, IL
LETTRALL, Ann m. William Mellon 7/29/1831 in Missouri
LEWES, Mercy m. Simon Mellen 1/7/1808 in Athol, Ma
LEWIS, Sarah Carpenter m. William Pepperell Mellen 1831 in Washington, MS
LIBBY, Rose E. of Gorham m. George S. Mellen of Falmouth 2/21/1911 in Maine
LITTLEFIELD, Eliel m. Sophia Mellen 12/8/1800 in Holliston, MA
LOOMER, George P. m. Almira (Alvira) Mellen 2/25/1843 in St Joseph Co, IN
LOVECRAFT, Mary m. Paul Mellon 7/8/1893 in Macon Co, IL
LUFT, Floyd applied to marry Annie C. Mellen 1900 in Berks Co, PA
LUNDBERG, Louisa m. Alfred S. Mellin 6/2/1867 in Iroquois Co, IL
LYLE, Rebecca m. William C. Mellem (Millen) 3/7/1861 in Adams Co, IL
LYONONS, Nannie m. Nelse J. Mellin 2/12/1879 in Sangamon Co, IL
MAGEE, Henry m. Catherine Mellon 4/29/1839 in Lake Co, IN
MANLY, Lucy C. of Augusta, ME m. Chase Mellen of New York, NY 6/7/1893 in Maine
MANSURE, Mary m. James Mellen 8/18/1873 in Cook Co, IL
MARCOUX, Deborah A. married John P. Mellein on 8/10/1974 in Kalamazoo, MI
MARSHALL, Lydia m. James Mellen 5/29/1776 in Holliston, MA
MARSHALL, Raphael C. of Cleveland, OH m. Leta E. Mellon of Passaic, NJ 8/10/1933 in Maine
MARTIN, Elizabeth R. m. Thomas Mellen 12/8/1833 in Holliston, MA
MARTIN, Elmer H. m. Marie Mellen 7/3/1915 in Maine, both of Portland
MARTIN, Ernest Gordon m. Florence Edna Mellen April 10, 1920 at Manyberries, Alberta, Canada <>
MASSER, Oscar applied to marry Mabel Mellen 1910 in Berks Co, PA
MAUER, Catharina m. Andreas Mellein 1/13/1874 in St. Clair Co, IL
MAVERICK, Mary m. David Mellen 6/20/1744 in Framingham, MA
MCANARNEY, Lizzie m. Alexander Mellon 4/13/1893 in Montgomery co, IL
MCARTHUR, Emmett W. m. Mrs. Bertie S. Mellon 9/11/1888 in Cook Co, IL
MCCANN, Ellen m. Henry Mellon 1/5/1877 in Cook Co, IL
MCCANN, William F. m. Mary A. Mellin 6/23/1887 in Rhode Island
MCCLURE, John J. m. Agnes R. Mellen 4/9/1884 in Madison Co, IL
MCDANIEL, Mary m. William Mellen 4/12/1804 in Philadelphia, PA, Christ Church
MCNEFF, Ellen m. John Mellon 9/17/1877 in Morgan Co, IL

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