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If you wish to submit a death record to this list, please email it to me. If the death is connected to your line, include your email address in <brackets> at the end of the message so potential connections can reach you. If you have a long list of death records, please put them in a text file and send to me as an attachment. If you find a record which is in your line, let me add your email address to it. If you can add more information to a record, please send it to me.

All dates are format M/D/YYYY or M/YYYY
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SENN, (infant) 9/29/1944 in Utah Co, UT, age 11 days
SENN, Abiah (nee Packard) 1809 in Massachusetts?, age 92
SENN, Addie Belgium (married George) 5/7/1964 in California?, age 86
SENN, Agnes Louisa 10/7/1985, Denton Co, TX
SENN, Albert 7/19/1945, Jefferson Co, KY
SENN, Albert I. 8/5/1966, lived in Ohio
SENN, Alfred 2/9/1978 in Windham, CT
SENN, Alfred Earl 1/20/1992, Tarrant Co, TX
SENN, Algnora (nee Clemons) 7/24/1945 in Utah?, age 64
SENN, Alice F. 4/2/1996 in Greenville, MI, age 88
SENN, Alice M. 2/15/1976, Mercer Co, KY, lived at Boyle, 88 years of age
SENN, Alpha Mae 1/13/1970, Montague Co, TX, widow
SENN, Alvin Lee 8/2/1984, Lubbock, TX
SENN, Anez 5/8/1990, Bexar Co, TX
SENN, Angela 12/15/1964, Jefferson Co, KY, 70 years of age
SENN, Angela M. 1/13/1967 in Cleveland, OH
SENN, Ann A. 10/22/1975, Jefferson Co, KY, 44 years of age
SEN, Anna 1/10/1944, Milam Co, Texas
SENN, Anna T. 5/31/1975 in Detroit, MI, age 87
SENN, Anna Marietta (married Krueger) 2/7/1933, Watertown, WI, age 37
SENN, Annie E. 6/20/1975, Harris Co, TX
SENN, Annie (nee Fickett) Atlanta, GA, age 91
SENN, Annie Leora (nee Cox) 9/27/1962, Louisville, KY, age 80
SENN, Annie Myrl 4/13/1980, Johnson Co, TX
SENN, Archie L. 3/2/1968, Jefferson Co, KY, 59 years of age
SENN, Ardella (married CROSBY) 1/30/1939 in Augusta, GA, age 79 buried Graniteville Cemetery, Graniteville, Aiken, SC <>
SENN, Arthur 5/10/1932, Jefferson Co, KY, 53 years of age
SENN, Arthur H. 4/8/1966 in Columbus, OH
SENN, Audrey (nee Juech) 3/14/1995 in Hendersonville, NC, age 69
SENN, Barbara (wife of Wolfgang Senn) 19 Oct. 1894 at the age of 79, in Oshkosh, Winnebago Co, WI, in her son's home <wisbadger49@;>
SENN, Barbara (married Messerly) 9/20/1895 in Cedar Falls, Black Hawk County, Iowa, age 74 <>
SENN, Barbara R. 4/8/1956, Jefferson Co, KY, 78 years of age
SENN, Bernadean 2/24/1993, Ector Co, Texas,
SENN, Betty Jean 1/24/1993 in Winston-Salem, NC, age 40
SENN, Beulah Elizabeth 3/18/1968, Tarrant Co, TX, widow
SENN, Blanche F. 6/30/1986 in Southbury, CT
SENN, Burkhardt W. 1936 in Eleven Co, MN, age 89 (see next entry, he was buried in Minnesota)
SENN, Burkhardt Wolfgang 20 February 1936, at age 89, in Stanley Twp, Mountrail Co, ND, in his married daughter's home,
     son of Wolfgang and Barbara <wisbadger49@;>
SENN, Carl M. 4/21/1963 in Columbus, OH
SENN, Carl Charles 10/20/1911 in Jefferson Co., KY age 5 <>
SENN, Carson Sylvester 9/30/1979, Johnson Co, TX
SENN, Catherine 11/28/1940, Brown Co, Texas
SEN, Cecil Doyle 9/24/1945, Travis Co, Texas, 40 years of age <ginagaleh at yahoo>
SENN, Cecilia 7/27/1917, Jefferson Co, KY, 80 years of age
SENN, Charles 3/14/1980 in Warren, MI, age 88
SENN, Charles G. 11/24/1976, Harris Co, TX
SENN, Charles H. 5/6/1930, Kinney Co, Texas
SENN, Charles J. 7/1/1975 in Mott, ND, age 73
SENN, Charles Leroy 6/9/1982, Harris Co, TX
SENN, Charles Theron 12/14/1988 in Shelby, NC, age 59, born in Ohio
SEN, Charley N, age 54, died in Harlan Co, KY, on 02/29/1916
SENN, Charlie L. 7/10/1974, Jefferson Co, TX, single
SENN, Clara B. 11/2/1982, Jefferson Co, KY, 84 years of age
SENN, Clara M. 4/22/1973 in Williams, MI, age 67
SENN, Clarence J. 6/2/1956, Jefferson Co, KY, 53 years of age
SENN, Clarence Shelton 1/3/1977 in Monroe, NC, age 85
SENN, Claud Weldon 4/20/1988, Kent Co, TX
SENN, Claude E. 3/2/1973, Wichita Co, TX, widower
SENN, Clyde 8/9/1968 in charlotte, NC, age 76
SENN, Cora Ann 8/26/1968, Tarrant Co, TX widow
SENN, Cora M. 11/3/1963, Jefferson Co, KY, 74 years of age
SENN, D. C. 12/20/1927, Fisher Co, Texas
SENN, Daniel C. 2/23/1966 in Akron, OH
SENN, David 8/20/1966, Tarrant Co, TX, single
SENN, David A. 6/23/1962 in Utah Co, UT, age 40
SENN, Donald E. 3/31/1964 in Akron, OH
SENN, Donald L. 7/12/1974 in Fruitport, MI, age 29
SENN, Doris (nee Foster) 4/27/1989 in Mooresville, NC, age 74
SENN, Dorothy A. 6/14/1992 in Ohio, age 88
SENN, Dorothy Ewald 7/18/1971, Harris Co, TX
SENN, Douglas M. 5/12/1978, Pecos Co, TX
SENN, Douglas Michael 6/16/1995, Dallas Co, TX
SENN, E. O. 4/1/1931, (infant), Dallas Co, Texas
SENN, E. R. 9/8/1917 (infant), Upshur Co, Texas
SENN, Earl B 9/21/1965, San Joaquin Co, CA <>
SENN, Edgar F. 8/9/1964 in Kirchberg, Switzerland, age 62
SENN, Edmond 1/15/1945, El Paso Co, Texas
SENN, Edna M. 11/23/1967, Jefferson Co, KY, 84 years of age
SENN, Edward 12/22/1880, in Missouri, age 12
SENN, Edward 1/15/1949 in Milwaukee, WI, age 52
SENN, Edward Jr. 7/5/1996 in Oakland Co, MI, age 58
SENN, Edward C. 9/5/1990 in Detroit, MI, age 85
SENN, Edward J. 5/18/1925 in Louisville, Jefferson Co, KY, age 28 <>
SENN, Edward J. 4/20/1939, Jefferson Co, KY, 65 years of age
SENN, Dr. Edward W. 1959 in Eleven Co, MN, age 78
SENN, Edwin 1/28/1935, Dallas Co, Texas
SENN, Eleanor M. 2/3/1988, Boyle Co, KY, 79 years of age
SENN, Elenora M. 9/16/1975, Jefferson Co, KY, 83 years of age
SENN, Elinore S. 1/5/1918, Jefferson Co, KY, 48 years of age
SENN, Elizabeth (nee Windecker) 5/2/1898, Oneida, Ontario, age 87
SENN, Elizabeth (married Winter) 1/15/1865 in Washington Co, PA, age 75
SENN, Elizabeth 4/10/1921 in Jefferson Co, KY, age 47
SENN, Elizabeth 5/5/1972 in Southfield, MI, age 82
SENN, Elizabeth (married Ratchford) 12/20/1988 in Gastonia, NC, age 86, born in SC
SENN, Elizabeth C. 2/7/1936 in Utah Co, UT, age 81
SENN, Elizabeth T. 1/13/1950, Jefferson Co, KY, 84 years of age
SENN, Ella (married Johnson) 2/25/1941 in Minnesota?, age 47
SENN, Ella M. 1982 in Eleven Co, MN, age 96
SENN, Ellen (married Ball) 2/16/1972 in California?, age 96
SENN, Elmer J. 3/4/1983, Grayson Co, TX
SENN, Emilia (married Veitenheimer) 4/22/1964 in Missoula, MT, age 58
SENN, Emily 10/28/1949 in Manchester, CT
SENN, Emily Cathryn 6/20/1971 in Rock Island, age 64
SENN, Emma G. 2/19/1960, Jefferson So, KY, 95 years of age
SENN, Emma Martha (married Melchoir) 5/12/1946 in Missouri?, age 85
SENN, Estelle (nee Conaway) 6/18/1983 in Wadesboro, NC, age 86, born in AL
SENN, Esther Grace 3/1/1942 in New york?, age 56
SENN, Ethel Merene 4/21/1980, Tyler Co, TX
SENN, Eva G. 9/23/1989 in Sterling Heights, MI, age 97
SENN, Evelyn Magdoline 1/1/1969 in Petalima, CA, age 59
SENN, F. Martin 1989 in Eleven Co, MN, age 76
SENN, Fannie Eugene 3/22/1979, Jefferson Co, TX
SENN, Fannie L. 10/29/1972, Bowie Co, TX, widow
SENN, Fern Thelma 6/14/1982, Tarrant Co, TX
SENN, Florence C. (nee Schlichting) 1956 in Eleven Co, MN, age 71
SENN, Floyd H. 2/5/1961 in Canton, OH
SENN, Floyd V. 1/6/1971, Howard Co, TX, married
SENN, Frances (nee Kovalenko) 8/27/1988, Bismarck, ND, age 80
SENN, Frances Isabel (married Greff) 5/6/1972 in Seattle, WA, age 72
SENN, Francis A. 5/23/1993 in Jefferson Co, KY, age 57
SENN, Frank K. 5/5/1936, Jefferson Co, KY, 67 years of age
SENN, Frank Louis 9/18/1900 in Missouri?, age 39
SENN, Frank J. 7/13/1956, Jefferson Co, KY, 63 years of age
SENN, Frank J. 6/10/1966 in Youngstown, OH
SENN, Frank P. 9/27/1921, Jefferson Co, KY, 52 years of age
SENN, Fred 12/15/1986 in Milwaukee, WI, age 88
SENN, Fred D. 8/16/1930, Travis Co, Texas <ginagaleh at yahoo>
SENN, Fred Samuel 4/26/1924 in Missouri?, age 54
SENN, Fred W. 1941 in Eleven Co, MN, age 56
SENN, Frederick 11/3/1926, McLennan Co, Texas <ginagaleh at yahoo>
SENN, Garvin D. 4/9/1972, Tarrant Co, TX, single
SENN, George 5/2/1940, Jefferson Co, KY, 77 years of age
SENN, George R. 8/16/1989 in New Haven, CT
SENN, George W. 1/3/1975, Hidalgo Co, TX
SENN, Georgia Ruth (married Roberts) 11/22/1982 in Buncombe Co, NC, age 83, born in SC
SENN, Gerald W. 12/28/1958 in Akron, OH
SENN, H. N. 2/8/1938, Colorado Co, TX
SENN, Mrs. H. N. 7/22/1931, Colorado Co, TX
SENN, Harold 1980, Faribault Co, MN
SENN, Harold L. 12/8/1963 in Columbus, OH
SENN, Harriette Inez, 9/3/1908 in Aiken Co, SC, age 6 years
SENN, Helen P. 6/18/1960 in Toldeo, OH
SENN, Henry 1/11/1931, Medina Co, Texas
SENN, Henry 10/31/1959 in Milwaukee, WI, age 65
SENN, Henry C. 11/5/1931, Jefferson Co, KY, 61 years of age
SENN, Henry C. 11/2/1939 Genesee Co, NY
SENN, Henry L. 8/19/1986, Jefferson Co, KY, 84 years of age
SENN, Herman Edward 2/5/1960 in California?, age 78
SENN, Herman J. 9/27/1966, Jefferson Co, KY, 59 years of age
SENN, Herman J. 9/29/1985 in Westland, MI, age 84
SENN, Henry Key 9/7/1988, Dallas Co, TX
SENN, Horace N. 6/9/1976, Galveston Co, TX
SENN, Howard Jacob 8/29/1904 in New York?, age 27
SENN, Hulda J. 3/21/1961 in Lucas Co, OH
SENN, James Malachi 11/24/1928, Titus Co, Texas
SENN, Jefferson L. 5/4/1967, Tarrant Co, TX, single
SENN, Jesse Edel 1/24/1947 in New York?, age 64
SENN, Jessie Earl 12/6/1985, Harrison Co, TX
SENN, Jessie L. 7/13/1978, Upshur Co, TX
SENN, Jo Ann 8/14/1977, Jefferson Co, KY, 46 years of age
SENN, John 4/18/1906 in New York?, age 51
SENN, John 3/20/1914, Jefferson Co, KY, 81 years of age
SENN, John 4/24/1918 Buffalo, NY
SENN, John A. 12/3/1957, Jefferson Co, KY, 87 years of age
SENN, John E. 11/26/1964 in Mott, ND, age 72
SENN, John Louie 4/9/1957 Gilmer, Upshur Co, TX <>
SENN, John R. 4/12/1972, Dallas Co, TX, single
SENN, John Rudolph 5/7/1991 in albemarle, NC, age 57, born in SC
SENN, John Wesley 11/14/1964, Montague Co, TX, single
SENN, Joseph 4/11/1917, Jefferson Co, KY, 38 years of age
SENN, Joseph Gregg 11/15/1943 in Atlanta, GA, age 67
SENN, Joseph H. 10/26/1959 in Minnesota?, age 71
SENN, Joseph Lemuel 6/11/1923 in Utah Co, UT, age 27 or 47
SENN, Judith Peyton 1/18/1990, Dallas Co, TX
SENN, Julia F. 1/28/1947 Genesee Co, NY
SENN, Julius C. 8/6/1936, Jefferson Co, KY, 8 years of age
SENN, Julius H. 11/20/1966, Jefferson Co, KY, 88 years of age
SENN, Julius L. 6/7/1945, Hale Co, Texas
SENN, Katherine 6/28/1932, Jefferson Co, KY
SENN, Katherine (married Greff) 1/7/1949, Mott, ND, age 58
SENN, Katherine 1/7/1958 in Euclid, OH
SENN, Katie E. (married Miller) 1941 in Eleven Co, MN, age 77
SENN, Kenneth L. 11/10/1978, Angelina Co, TX
SENN, Ladonna Ashley 9/13/1991, Dallas Co, TX
SENN, Larry Marcel 11/17/1944, Coryell Co, Texas
SENN, Laurence Vaughn 3/15/1996 in Charlotte, NC, age 75
SENN, Lawrence C. 2/19/1971 Fisher Co, TX, single
SENN, Leetha 8/31/1933, Kent Co, TX
SENN, Lela Elizabeth (m. Bell) 4/2/1984 in Pittsburg, Camp Co, TX <>
SENN, Lela Mae 9/10/1978, McLennan Co, TX, widow <ginagaleh at yahoo>
SENN, Lemuel Givens 10/31/1960, Wichita Co, TX <>
SENN, Lena 7/23/1942, Floyd Co, Texas
SENN, Leo J. 8/11/1967, Jefferson Co, KY, 71 years of age
SENN, Leora 9/27/1962 in Jefferson Co, KY, age 80
SENN, Letha 8/31/1933, Kent Co, Texas
SENN, Lillian Amelia 3/27/1954, San Juan, TX, age 85
SENN, Lillian G. 2/16/1973 in Jefferson Co, KY, age 86
SENN, Lillian L. 6/16/1993 in Jefferson Co, KY, age 64
SENN, Lillian M. 9/3/1984 in Jefferson Co, KY, age 83
SENN, Lois Bertha 10/17/1976, El Cerrito, CA, age 88
SENN, Lola (married Phillips) 5/1/1987 in Charlotte, NC, age 74
SENN, Louis B. 2/13/1961 in Hamden, CT
SENN, Louis E. 11/13/1956 in Jefferson Co, KY, age 84
SENN, Louis E. 10/8/1967 in Jefferson Co, KY, age 75
SENN, Louis E. 12/22/1977 in Carroll Co, KY, age 67
SENN, Louise (married Hudner) 4/1/1952 in Missouri?, age 80
SENN, Louise 7/4/1991, Collin Co, TX
SENN, Lydia Elizabeth 11/16/1996 in Fraser, MI, age 90
SENN, Lydia Swanson (married Darden) d. December 8, 1967 in Corpus Christi, Nueces, TX. <>
SENN, Mabel L. 6/10/1993 in Montrose, MI, age 76
SENN, Mable 1/24/1889 in California?, age 101
SENN, Mable Alene 11/20/1984, Wichita Co, TX
SENN, Madie Jane 7/14/1987, Upshur Co, TX
SENN, Magdalene (nee Krank) 1/26/1988, Mott, ND, age 78
SENN, Maggie Ruth 3/28/1986 in Mooresville, NC, age 79, born in SC
SENN, Mahlon A. 1961 in Eleven Co, MN, age 41
SENN, Margaret (nee Thimmesch) 11/25/1966, Marshfield, WI, age 79
SENN, Margaret 12/26/1973 lived in New Bern, NC, age 57
SENN, Margaret T. 4/23/1955 in Jefferson Co, KY, age 87
SENN, Margaret Ophelia (m. Witt) 7/27/1958 in Pittsburg, Camp, TX <>
SENN, Margaretha (married Meyer) 27 April 1929, at age 89, in Revillo, Grant Co, SD, daughter of Wolfgang and Barbara <wisbadger49@;>
SENN, Margaretta 7/16/1886 in New York?, age 54
SENN, Marguer H. 7/5/1970 in Jefferson Co, KY, age 58
SENN, Marguerite 9/29/1947 in Milwaukee, WI, age 54, never married
SENN, Marian B. 7/25/1990, Jefferson Co, KY, 76 years of age
SENN, Marion 10/15/1984 in New London, CT
SENN, Marshall K. 11/7/1989, Jefferson Co, KY, 25 years of age
SENN, Martha 9/18/1933 Genesee Co, NY
SENN, Martin 1/15/1960 in Jefferson Co, KY, age 86
SENN, Mary Ann (married McGaughey) 9/30/1971 in Missouri?, age 101
SENN, Mary B. 4/7/1962 in Cleveland, OH
SENN, Mary B. 3/9/1978, Tarrant Co, TX
SENN, Mary C. 7/3/1976 in Jefferson Co, KY, age 78
SENN, Mary Cornelia (married Paul) 3/16/1919 in Missouri?, age 53
SENN, Mary Inez 12/10/1935, Colorado Co, Texas
SENN, Mary R. 1921 in Eleven Co, MN, age 64
SENN, Mary Ruth (married Vickers) 7/2/1978, Ector Co, TX <>
SENN, Mary Susan 1/7/1903 in Atlanta, GA, age 2 months
SENN, Mary V. 3/15/1984 in Plainfield, CT
SENN, Matthew B. 11/14/1975 in Jefferson Co, KY, age 77
SENN, Mattie (nee Fickett) 1930 in Atlanta, GA, age 60
SENN, Maxwell 1973 in Los Angeles, CA, age 70
SENN, Merle John 1/20/1995, Bexar Co, TX
SENN, Michael A. 12/18/1991 in Douglass, MI, age 11
SENN, Michael T. 1/10/1970 in Jefferson Co, KY, age 1 month
SENN, Mildred 10/1/1958 in Columbus, OH
SENN, Mildred e. 11/22/1992 in Ohio, age 91
SENN, Milton 6/8/1990 in Branford, CT
SENN, Minnie Bell (m. Messer) 11/18/1971 in Pittsburg, Camp, TX <>
SENN, Minnie Irene 11/29/1998, Lamar Co, TX
SENN, Minnie Lee 10/20/1984, Brown Co, TX
SENN, Minnie Mae 7/25/1939, Galveston Co, Texas
SENN, Minnie May (married Frakes) 2/1/1941 in Arcata, CA, age 61
SENN, Minnie Eugenia 11/10/1937 in New York?, age 63
SENN, Mittie Lee Carroll 10/2/1985, Wichita Co, TX
SENN, Myrtle Josephine 2/10/1937 in Alabama?, age 34
SENN, Nancy K. 10/30/1963 in Jefferson Co, KY, age 1 month
SENN, Naomi Clara 8/1984, McLennan Co, Texas, 79 years of age <ginagaleh at yahoo>
SENN, Naomi Ollie 1/12/1989, Morris Co, TX
SENN, Nathan Spurgeon 2/22/1997, Taylor Co, TX
SENN, Nettie 11/2/1926 in Aiken Co, SC, age 35
SENN, Dr. Nicholas 6/2/1908 in Chicago, IL
SENN, Obie Sr., 9/21/1971, Morris Co, TX
SENN, Paul 6/17/1962 in Milwaukee, WI, age 62
SENN, Pansie V. 10/2/1966 in Bucyrus, OH
SENN, Peter K. 2/24/1956, Los Angeles, CA, age 61
SENN, Pugh Castus 5/6/1941 in Tulare, AL, age 37
SENN, Rachel Corene 7/10/1987, Dallas Co, TX
SENN, Ralph C 7/16/1955, Richland, Benton Co, WA <>
SENN, Raymond 4/23/1962, Mott, ND, age 61
SENN, Raymond E. 8/31/1986, Jefferson Co, KY, 51 years of age
SENN, Raymond R. 8/2/1987, Jefferson Co, KY, 78 years of age, lived in Indiana
SENN, Rebecca May 11/1/1939, Fisher Co, Texas
SENN, Richard D. 1984 in Eleven Co, MN, age 61
SENN, Richard Lee 5/13/1940, Nueces Co, Texas
SINN, Robert, Stillborn, died in Jefferson Co, KY on 02/12/1929
SENN, Robert 4/21/1961 in Jefferson Co, KY, age 67
SENN, Robert Ira 6/6/1987 in Monroe, age 81
SENN, Robert L. 1925 in eleven Co, MN, age 7
SENN, Robert McLean 8/3/1913, Dallas Co, Texas
SENN, Rosa 5/29/1988, Jefferson Co, KY, 87 years of age
SENN, Rosalea (nee Hartlage) 5/1/1948 at Shively, Jefferson County, KY age 73 <>
SENN, Rosamond 5/29/1976 in Jefferson Co, KY, age 74
SENN, Rose L. 5/19/1955 in Jefferson Co, KY, age 56
SENN, Ruby L. 10/27/1988 in Detroit, MI, age 76
SENN, Ruby M. 2/2/1976, Johnson Co, TX
SENN, Ruth Amelia (married Dagwell; married Edwards) 5/29/1977 in Flint, MI, age 65 <>
SENN, Ruth Juanita (married Pearce) 10/18/1991 in Mecklenburg Co, NC, age 82
SENN, Ruth Marie 5/25/1940, Val Verde Co, Texas
SENN, Samuel George 12/1916 in New London, NY, age 71
SENN, Sandra M. 8/18/1959 in Jefferson Co, KY, age 20
SENN, Sandy Ramsey 8/23/1952 in Rosewood, Upshur Co, TX <>
SENN, Sarah Barbee 11/1928, Milam Co, TX, 26 years of age <gina gale h at yahoo>
SENN, Sarah Jane 2/5/1919 in Aiken Co, SC, age 69
SENN, Susan Matilda (nee MAY) 1921, Newberry, SC, age 82  <>
SENN, T. J. 3/21/XXXX in Graniteville, SC, age 38
SENN, Thomas 1/23/1970 in Charlotte, NC, age 68
SENN, Thaddeus 5/2/1970 in Charlotte, NC, age 49
SENN, Velma 1/5/1993 in Detroit,. MI, age 80
SENN, Violet Estelle 4/19/1998, Lubbock Co, TX
SENN, Virginia 12/31/1940, Milam Co, Texas
SENN, Virginia 10/6/1974 in Jefferson Co, KY, age 56
SENN, W. H. 12/18/1933, Titus Co, Texas
SENN, Walter Henry 4/16/1976 in Utah Co, UT, age 61
SENN, Walter King 4/22/1915 in Greenville, Hunt Co, Texas <>
SENN, Walter Lee 9/24/1991, Harris Co, TX
SENN, Walter Riley 9/10/1995, Childress Co, TX
SENN, Warren E. 1911 in Eleven Co, MN, age 1 year
SENN, Warren Randall 4/2/1923, Ward Co, Texas
SENN, Wesley W. 9/9/1974, Galveston Co, TX
SENN, Wiley William 2/8/1983, Harris Co, Texas, 75 years of age <ginagaleh at yahoo>
SENN, William 1/20/1986, Harris Co, TX
SENN, William Clement 6/1/1929, Galveston Co, Texas
SENN, William Enos 9/20/1984 in Charlotte, NC, age 73
SENN, William Frederick 11/3//1926, Robinson, McLennan Co, Texas, 87 years of age, born in Germany <ginagaleh at yahoo>
SENN, William H. 6/14/1987, Jefferson Co, KY, 79 years of age
SENN, William Harry 12/10/1984 in Charlotte, NC, age 74
SENN, William Harry Jr. 3/2/1990 in Statesville, NC, age 58
SENN, William Richard 6/23/1924 in Aiken Co, SC, age 75
SENN, William Robert 2/10/1963 in Alabama?, age 91
SENN, William T. 4/20/1985 in Jefferson Co, KY, age 48
SENN, William W. 1/12/1976, Jefferson Co, TX
SENN, Wolfgang 1860, in Chicago, Cook Co, IL, possibly a son of Wolfgang and Barbara <wisbadger49@;>
SENN, Wolfgang 1880 at the age of about 80 years, in Ashford Twp., Fond du Lac Co., WI <wisbadger49@;>
SENN, Wynona S. 12/20/1972, Pecos Co, TX, single

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